Antm cycle 20 marvin and renee dating websites

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Antm cycle 20 marvin and renee dating websites

Johnny tells us that famed Guess Photographer Yu Tsai will be doing the shoot. Marvin says it’s getting cold where Jourdan is, and Jourdan says she’s feeling hurt and alone and “starting to wonder” whether she could have done something to make people not like her. Jourdan says she’s picking at herself until there’s nothing left. When we come back, Johnny torments Jourdan for another moment… Johnny Wujek snots that Jourdan “got one.” Cory theorizes that Chris picked Jourdan, the finalist that no one else chose, for the attention. She notes that she doesn’t like Chris, and says she’d rather have no supporters than a fake one. Marvin, surrounded by supporters, says he feels good, and thinks he would be a better Guess model than Jourdan because he doesn’t find her sexy, and he pretty much would have sex with almost any woman, but he wouldn’t with her. Cory is happy to have the support of his crew because he knows he has solid competition. Cory also explains that Guess is a more natural shoot for Marvin and Jourdan, and more of a challenge for him.

Marvin is thrilled because he used to work at Guess and knows Yu Tsai’s work. Jiana says Cory appeals to men and women, so this is the perfect forum for him. ) Cory’s “catwalk crew” is also side-coaching Cory, which looks irritating as all hell.

Jourdan is the country girl who’s gone high fashion! Cory is the only one with adult-level social skills, but instead Tyra tells us that he’s fierce and androgynous! Oh, criminy, Tyra’s insisting on talking about the colors she assigned each of them.Marvin is sad that “Marnee” is broken up and that he only got a hug as Renee left. Well, he did do that weird thing where he got into the girls’ shower uninvited. And we are reminded (slightly heavier sigh) that our Colors of Model Support are Fierce Fuchsia, Sunrise Smize, and Booch Blue. Because the models need to get used to having fans – this is cruel – the obsolete models of the past will be returning as the “runway crews” of the finalists, each wearing the colors of the model they’ve chosen to support. On the other hand, my dream has come true, and it looks like at least a piece of this cycle is, in fact, about being here to make friends. Marvin gives her a big hug and says “Marnee” again. Jourdan, meanwhile, says this is awkward and that she sees the others’ true colors now. Chris says he picked Jourdan because he could see her in a magazine right now.Jourdan is glad that Renee is the hell out of there. Dammit, Tyra, stop making me type “fuchsia.” It always looks wrong no matter how you spell it. Jourdan’s face is completely composed, but her cheeks are a deep shade of Fierce Fuchsia. Her using that metaphor when everyone else was literally in someone else’s team colors is just the little clammy squeeze on your soul that you think it is. That blows Poor Alex.) The remaining person is Chris. And this moment is deemed dramatic enough for a commercial cliffhanger. Which is not the same thing as saying you like someone and want to support them, but I kind of respect the choice not to pretend that they’re pals now. Chris and Jourdan make awkward pep-talk conversation while she gets her hair and make-up done.Marvin says that if he wins, it will be the classic rags-to-riches story. Someone, please hurry and explain to Marvin about most “Top Model” careers. (God, I hate that punctuation mark as part of the brand name. Johnny is wearing a Guess hat that appears to be homemade. Can we stop being surprised that a straight guy might be friends with a gay guy? Do I really need to tell you that Jeremy immediately comes dancing out in Booch Blue?Cory delicately explains that he, Marvin, and Jourdan represent three aspects of the industry: Youthful Male, Androgynous Male, and Lady. Johnny asks what’s up with the colored necklaces and Marvin says “We’re representing our fans,” which may be news to Johnny at filming but is obvious to everyone here in the viewing audience, given the fact that nations across the world have been dressing in one of the three chosen colors and engaging in bitter, family-rending fights all week. Holy crap, this feels really mean, especially since we’d kind of dropped the Jourdan-is-a-pill storyline for the Chris-is-a-dick storyline.

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