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There's such an incredible light that shines within ourselves and sometimes people try to put it out, and it's really nice to see it upheld. I'm a very relaxed, easy-going guy, so to play kind of a buttoned up figure like Jasper was very exciting.

It's probably better for you to be able to play a character that's a little more complex. Sometimes it can be hard for a band to tour in Europe for the first time, but do you think recognition from Twilight will help?

We sing very eclectic music, our songs ranging from death to the devil or drinking, and we sing drinking anthems. I'm not exactly sure what the live music scene is over there.A friend of mine had a record deal and that fell apart, he really got screwed over.But I got lucky and got hooked up with this amazing manager for acting, since I was also an actor.Is there anything you're looking forward to with the end of the series, or anything you'll get to do that you haven't done yet? I have a short film that I wrote that's very important to me.It's a dark comedy based on my philosophical beliefs in life. I really love film, and I have ever since I was like 13, 14 and sneaking out to go watch movies at my friends' houses because my parents didn't let us watch very much film. Romero box set of zombie films underneath my bed when I was 15 because my parents would've said it was some kind of evil and thrown it out.

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alum Paul Mc Donald, who will join the family -- so-to-speak -- when he weds Rathbone’s on-screen sister, Nikki Reed.

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  1. The sketch was invented prior to the actual year 2000, but the show's writers decided to keep the named year the same even after the passing of the titular year, in a sort of ironic twist.