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The heartbreak we feel about death after only a few decades must be magnified to a huge extreme after getting used to living for so many years—and we have no idea what a 50,000 year relationship or friendship would even be like and how heartbreaking losing someone would be after knowing them for so long.

(People would probably end up becoming close only with other people who had chosen similar lifespans, for that reason.) On the other hand, putting in too many years could be very upsetting.

What if, with enough time, humans were able to create a safe and blissful utopia to live in, with everyone monitored so nothing really bad can happen, and you were surrounded by people you love?

With all that time, maybe instead of having a handful of close friends, maybe you have thousands? I’d probably type in 50,000 and then in the last few seconds delete a zero to make it 5,000 and then have my finger quivering on the zero button as the final seconds ticked down and end up not hitting it and leave the room with 5,000 years on my hands. Then I’d get my phone out and text everyone hope people chose something similar to me.

He and his colleagues used RNA-sequencing to describe the way that immune cells, called monocytes, derived from 200 people of self-reported African or European ancestry would respond to attack by a bacteria or a virus.

Luis Barreiro of the University of Montreal and the CHU Sainte-Justine in Canada, commented: 'I was expecting to see ancestry-associated differences in immune response but not such a clear trend towards an overall stronger response to infection among individuals of African descent.' This shows how genetic variants enriched in population specific signals of natural selection and, among Europeans, of Neanderthal ancestry play a major role in the differences in responses to diseases In their experiment, the experts infected macrophages derived from 80 African and 95 European individuals with either Listeria or Salmonella to look for differences in response and work out how whether there was a link with their ancestry.

What if you come out of the room and you’re now gonna live for a trillion times a trillion times a trillion years? Well I wouldn’t have the guts to put in a big number. But I would most certainly extend my current life by quite a bit.

At the end of the 10 minutes, you’ll be escorted out of the room, and your decision is permanent and unable to ever be changed.

You’ll live for exactly that many years and then you’ll die.

Note: Try answering the question yourself before you read my or other readers’ answers.

The true challenge is to figure out what you’d do without knowing anything about anyone else’s thinking.

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Humans might be able to create an actual heaven to live in.

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