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Paul, Minnesota Masters, Public Health University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S., Nursing Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio [ Return to Top ] Ms.The “settlement conference” can be requested in person, by phone, or in writing.It is not necessary that an agreement (settlement) actually be reached – only that the initiating party make efforts to settle before the court date.Kathleen served for many years as a volunteer guardian ad litem and she is also a registered nurse.

Child support is then based on the imputed income and not the actual income of that parent.

A parent who is not working full-time must be able to show the court why and also show that he or she is making a good faith effort to find full-time work.

Searching for the right job in the right field is not easy – especially in a fluctuating economy and a constantly changing job market.

Mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods are not always appropriate.

For example, when domestic abuse has occurred which creates an imbalance of power, the abused party might be intimidated into settling.

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The takeaway message is that the rule is strict – Unless an exception applies, if initiating parties do not file a “Certificate of Settlement Efforts” in a timely way, they run the risk of not getting their day in court.