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Sam noticed that his father did all the talking and Terry's father said nothing. Copyright © 1996 by Graham Joyce Its been a long wait for American lovers of the macabre.

Graham Joyce's disturbing, mesmerizing dark fantasy "The Tooth Fairy" knocked Britain for a loop in 1996 when it was first released.

But one of them, Sam Southall, has a particularly unique problem.

One night after putting a tooth under his pillow, he awakes to find a disgusting, horrifying beast in his bedroom.

It's as if the Brothers Grimm reinterpreted Stephen King's novella "The Body" (which went on to become the basis for the film "Stand by Me").

Sam showed them where the incident had happened."You could fish this for years and not get him," Nev said, setting up the rods. He was staring into the dark waters, landing net poised, as if he thought the pike might oblige by leaping into it. "Another day.""You go on home," said Terry's father. " Sam said, well after they were out of earshot."Not a chance in hell," said his father.

Sam lived in one of a row of semidetached houses running up to the cottage, seven street numbers away from Terry. "Nev Southall, Sam's father, saw the green MG return from the hospital.

The caravan rested on a pile of red housebricks where the wheels should have been. At the casualty ward they dressed Terry's tiny foot and gave him an antitetanus jab. Having heard the story from Sam, he dithered for fifteen minutes before going round to see how things were with the boy.

Green and gold, it was a phantom, a spirit from another world.

Sam tried to utter a warning, but the apparition of the pike had him mesmerized.

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Two older boys fished for perch about thirty yards away. At first he thought he was looking at a submerged log.

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