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not playing sport, not being part of the 'lads' group, etc) it could have partly been an issue of conforming to societal gender norms.” It is possible, I think, to be a feminist and a crew dater.

As most girls I speak to for this piece said, crewdates can be really fun – one recent English graduate saying, “I actually found it quite liberating to be able to have a one night stand if I wanted to.” But you have to know when to draw the line, when the morons – of either sex – materialise.

“Jesus College Tanning Team” stripped to their underpants for their mock school-photo-style team shot, for example. Writing an equally “banterous” review on a website is hardly the same as equal treatment on the ground, when the pressure not to be seen as boring or frigid lurks.

The Urban Dictionary says of them: “Fancy dress is common but optional, consuming vast quantities of alcohol is compulsory.Christ Church College all-female drinking society “The Spritzers” describes itself on as “Ch Ch Chunderbirds are go”. Male and female teams’ ratings are duly exchanged after a night out.The Spritzers wrote of “The Stanford Gentlemen”: “We were surprised that they kept up with our sconces and true-to-form wildness given that this is their first crew date […] would def do again.” And when asked, they are adamant that feminism and crewdating are compatible.Joe Bruner, a 2012 Oxford graduate, said that there was “a double standard” on crew dates: “For a clear example, I can recall an instance where two people began to ‘get together’ at a table.So, you have two individuals doing the exact same thing, reciprocating back and forth.

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As one current second-year English student put it: “One of my friends went on a crew date where the boys had been given a series of tasks beforehand that they were to keep secret from the girls.

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